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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is special or different about your plastic?

A.  BangBoards® are made of a CUSTOMIZED formula of resins.  There is an art to blending plastics in order to meet our strict product standards.  Our process not only makes it different than any other plastic product but allows BangBoards® to perform to our specifications.

Q.  How will the BangBoards® arrive?

A.  We have designed BangBoards® to be as convenient and time-saving as possible. We take great care in shipping your product. The BangBoards® are wrapped in a thick protective plastic sock and banded together.


Q.  Are there any special assembly requirements?

A.  Yes!  Click here to go to our Installation page.


Q.  Can I cut BangBoards®?

A.  Yes.  You can use most powered or handheld saws for a very clean cut.


Q.  Can I drill and bolt the BangBoards®?

A.  Yes.  BangBoards® drill and bolt just like wood. When bolting to supports, use large flat washers or metal plates. Lock washers are also a great idea!


Q.  Do I need additional vertical support brackets when using BangBoards®?

A.  Possibly.  There are many different applications. We recommend providing vertical supports every 4 to 5 feet, or as needed.  One of the great features of BangBoards® is that they have been designed to be rigid enough to hold in soft materials but also flexible enough to withstand weight and impact from loading equipment and large materials such as rock and concrete.  Click here to go to our Installation page.


Q.  Can I stack BangBoards® the same as wood boards?

A.  Yes. Remember to use vertical supports as recommended in the installation instructions.  You will be able to use the same method you are using for wood.

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